3Strolls at Ama Ghar

We arrived in Nepal at the end of September and we've spent our first few days at Ama Ghar. Ama Ghar is an organisation that provides a home and education for underprivileged children in a village about 18 km south of Kathmandu.
After spending just a few hours at Ama Ghar we could see and feel that they are doing something special for these children. We fell in love with Ama Ghar, wanted to visit the children every day, and the 'house mothers' took care of us too.
The cutest thing was that even the first time we came to the property, the little kids came running towards us shouting 'Namaste Brother! Namaste Sister!'. The fact that there was a language barrier with the small kids didn't seem to matter at all! They would try to make us understand the games they were playing so we could join, and somehow we figured out how the games worked ;)

One of the most noticeable things during our visit to Ama Ghar was that the kids are raised with a realistic view of their world. Somehow we first thought that they were being raised in an overly protective environment, but we soon noticed that the (older) kids had the freedom to visit friends elsewhere, visit family or run errands. We later talked with one of the staff members who explained that they purposely try not to hold the children back from learning about 'the real world'.  
It was great being part of the Ama Ghar family for a few days, which made it hard to leave again. 
For more information about Ama Ghar you can click the link in the banner above and below you'll find the Ama Ghar Foundation's mission.

What is the Ama Foundation? - Mission

“The Ama Foundation was created to provide a home, a family environment and education for the most underprivileged children of Nepal by providing them with opportunities that will enhance their growth and development.”

  • We believe in creating a network of caring; that Ama Ghar in Nepal will be a model of civic and community responsibility.
  • We believe in supporting children who are most in need, regardless of cast or circumstances.
  • We believe in sharing the bounty of our lives and family with others.

The Ama Foundation strives to define sustainability in a two-fold manner- both economically and culturally. We are investing in the future of Nepal by educating the mothers and fathers, teachers, business leaders, social workers and professionals of the next generation. Education is the path to creating real social and economic improvement in the lives of the children of Nepal.

We support the Ama Foundation and strongly believe that they are doing amazing work. If you are inspired to provide any type of contribution, you can do so by clicking the Donate button on the Ama Foundation website.